Our uncommon style of shooting allows us to capture images that are Candid, spontaneous and real. Our work is the result of long-period experience and successful efforts applied with enormous enthusiasm.

We give you a bit of guidelines and let the rest naturally fall into the place.

Shadigraphy is always committed to providing a level of quality & professionalism born out of our asthetic work, that will go far beyond your expectations. We surely understand and appreciate the amount of endeavour that you make into planning your event and we want to capture and grab all the important details you have worked with such a tenacity to get it perfect. Every event is different and we treat each one as candid. All we do is capturing mood, emotion and personality through the lens and turning them into amazing lifestyle Videos and Photographs. Our focus is on exceptional composition, lighting and angles that make your Photographs and Cinema at their highest.

We don't feel the need or impliment to over-process our images. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill-set needed to capture it, on which we concentrate primarily. We, Shadigraphy , model the quality of product responsibility we want to see in the work by conducting production process with great professional integrity, and considering our customers as equal partners in our success. To make all these things possible, we are always equipped with modern gadgets and contemparary technologies during pre-production as well as post-production.

Simply putting, it's about telling your story and relishing your preservable candid moments through beautiful Photographs and Cinema. That's what Grab Your Memories, through Shadigraphy , is all about.

Here We Are

  • Chetan Prajapati
  • Chetan Prajapati
  • Chetan Prajapati
    Candid Photographer

Because...To Us, Photography Is Falling In Love With Ourselves.